I’ve always been a huge fan of jewelry!!  What girl isn’t really?  My tastes have definitely changed throughout the years from simplistic mommy pieces that can weather pulling from babies, then to bohemian and Indian pieces all in turquoise or tortoiseshell, to now I’m all over the place.  I’ve hit the point where it’s time to reinvent in myself, reclaim my womanhood and have more than 2-3 options for my jewelry choices.  I think I chose the BEST year to make that decision since jewelry has drastically changed in the last year….or maybe I’m just paying more attention?  I’ve researched and compiled a list of the top jewelry trends of 2011 so all of us ladies can stay “in the know” between business meetings, mom’s groups or house patrol!  All these pieces can be ordered through me or even obtained free or at 85-90% discounts!!

Bigger IS Better!!

lia sophia Marble Cuff

If that opening doesn’t grab your attention, nothing will! 🙂 This year you will see big, big pieces in one area only.  Chunky necklace with minimal earrings and bracelets, tons of bracelets with no necklace and then you can add bigger earrings to balance it.  Just be sure not to overdue it and bulk up in every area.  That will make too many focal points and then your moving over to the gaudy side!

lia sohpia Fireworks Ring

lia sophia Saltwater Necklace

Join the Darkside!!

Maybe Darth knew what he was talking about after all?  I am totally hooked on anything gunmetal gray and dark platinum! Shiny, muted or even going into a more black color, this color comes in all looks and styles.  I’ve heard over and over that gray is the new black and I personally agree with this sentiment and almost everything I’ve bought this year from my bags, shoes to my clothes has been in shades of gray.  I even got my daughter tossing her purple for grays!  Here are some of my favorites among a HUGE array of lia sophia pieces offered.

lia sophia Deco Cuff

lia sophia Lunette Ring

lia sophia Ba-Da-Bling

Delectable Deco!!

I am so thrilled Deco designs are making a comeback!  Deco was invented by the french in the early 1900’s and was their vision of ultra modern with clean lines and luxurious materials.  As the style progressed they dabbled in an industrial feel as well.

lia sophia Seaside Necklace

Today’s take on Deco can be anywhere from classic muted tones and whites, to colorful conversation pieces.  It all in the name of art of course!

lia sophia Global Bracelet

   lia sophia Beveled Earrings

Coppers & Roses -The New Gold?

lia sophia Lumi Necklace

Rose gold and copper are quickly taking the standard golds run for their money.  These two metals have a pinkish tint to them but still manage to go with most of everything.  Rose gold is gold mixed with copper alloy or you can skip the gold and go straight copper.  Both are fun and a great alternative for anyone wanting to mix up and add to their  jewelry collections.

lia sophia Perrenial Earrings

lia sohpia Nouveau Cuff

Layers & Tangles

lia sophia Tidepool Necklace

You know that frustrating moment when you pull your necklace out of the jewelry box and its tangled with another one or to itself?  What if you just put it on like that?  That’s the styles happening today -believe it or not!  Me being the thrifty one, I’ve been buying jewelry in layers and either wearing it layered, or tangle it up.  As far as I have seen, the sky is the limit on this one.  Mix up metals, colors and themes.  Put them on and tangle them together or layer them.  For a night out make it wild, for an easy dinner stick with the layers.

lia sophia Caipirinha Necklace

lia sophia Multiplicity Bangles

Flapper Fringe & Tassels

I am so in love with the early 1900’s!  This is another style I am totally loving!  Taking a cue from the flappers of the 1920’s who threw caution to the wind and  flaunted their disdain for “acceptable behavior”, fringe and tassels are back on jewelry, clothing and bags.  Take a small piece of their wild image and add some fun to your look this year.  Long necklaces with the tassels aren’t only in style, they are scientifically proven to make you look thinner….I think its a win-win don’t you?

lia sophia Flapper Necklace

lia sophia Contessa Earrings

lia sophia Runway Fringe Necklace

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